An Oceans Abcdarium created by the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz, Germany

Our Philosophy

Oceans Abcdarium is a research-based project at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz in Germany, examining many facets of the Ocean as an ecological, social, geopolitical and environmental mirror with which to investigate the Anthropocene, an era in which humans dominate nature with drastic consequences.

Through seminars discussing climates, ecosystems and technologies, crafted around illustration, drawing and animation genres, we have collected visual works based on and inspired by the oceans’ waters. Each work has been assigned a keyword. Through categorization, our aim is to structure the many works into a visual compilation.

We celebrate the power of the image in conjunction with concise texts while surveying the dense, chaotic and unpredictable issues facing our oceans today.

We live in an ecosystem of alliances and dependencies and recognize the interconnected and interdependence of all life forms.

From "Oil Spil" to "Rogue Wave" this Oceans Abcdarium will be cultivated and expanded in months to come.


Alan Hamliko, Alana Nastold, Alexander Friedrich, Alissa Bernhardt, Anna Ratzenberger, Anna Sara Tissino, Anna Spiridonova, Annabel Regenstein, Atessa Kürschner, Bastian Quade, Carolin Nonnenmacher, Clara Dolder, Dimitra Kanta, Enna Raker, Federica Truchseß von und zu Wetzhausen, Hangyeol Lee, Hanna Schuller, Hannah Siehoff, Jacqueline König , Janik Damrau, Joana King, Julia Sommer, Katharina Dick, Katrin Ryan, Lizzy Siddal, Lore Müller, Lucie Langston, Luis Borchardt, Luis Santana Hernandez, Luisa Cappiello, Marie Bauer, Mario Ehe, Marlene Stein, Maximilian Schiller, Meike Althaus, Michèle Ganser, Nils Janßen, Paula Brunckhorst, Rebecca Kroßner, Sarah Daradkeh, Sarah Heerlein, Sheila Knehr, Sima Farshid, Sophie Stenner, Thea Rölkes, Thea Rummel, Tim Radek, Tina Scherer, Valeria von Baeckmann, Vanessa Laufmann, Vanessa Ortmann, Zoe Branczyk

Idea & Research

Monika Aichele & Katja Davar

In Cooperation with

OCEAN / UNI by TBA21–Academy 

Additional Support

Gabriel Belinga Belinga

Jens Egler

Sabine Klebig

Erich Weiler

Susanne Weissman

Collaborators & Partners

Katrina Black | Proof Reading

Janik Damrau | Assistance & Animation

Christian Effenberger | Animation

Danja Höhn | Visual Narration & Editing

Monika Höhn | Ceramics

Lucie Langston | Comic & Illustration

Tatjana Prenzel | Storytelling & Illustration

Alexandra Zsigmond | Art Direction & Illustration


University of Applied Sciences Mainz

Holzstraße 36, 55116 Mainz


Michael Hengl | Design & Programming

Holger Reckter | UX Consultant

Alexander Roidl | Concept & Design

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Financial Support & Advice

Research and Transfer Innovation Fund, Hochschule Mainz

Martina Zimmermann